T-Shirt Daikomyosai 2009 for Hatsumi Sensei

The theme of the Year 2009 Sainou (Ability/talent), Kokoro (Heart), Utsuwa (Capacity) 才能心器

Fudō-myōō (不動明王) is the full Japanese name for Acala, or Fudō (o-Fudō-sama etc.) for short. It is the literal translation of Sanskrit name which means "immovable".
Acala in Buddhist art since the Heian era has depicted him as angry-faced, holding a vajra sword and a lariat. In later representations, such as those used by the yamabushi monks, he may have one fang pointing up and another pointing down, and a braid on the one side of his head.

The sword he holds may or may not be flaming and sometimes described only generically as a hōken (宝剣 "treasure sword") or as kongō-ken (金剛杵 "vajra sword"), which is descriptive of the fact that the pommel of the sword is in the shape of the talon-like kongō-sho (金剛杵 "vajra") of one type or another. It may also be referred to as sanko-ken (三鈷剣 "three-pronged vajra sword"). However in some cases as in the Akafudo painting (show left), the divinity is seen holding the Kurikara-ken(ja), a sword with the dragon coiled around it. The flaming nimbus or halo behind the statue is known as the "karura flame", after a mythical firebreathing birdlike creature, the garuda.

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