T-Shirt Daikomyosai 2012 for Hatsumi Sensei

Kurikara, the Sword of Fudo Myo-o

神龍要護SHIN RYU YO GO The theme of the Year 2012.
2012 The year of the Dragon. We decided to make the dragon symbolizes the war alias of Hatsumi Sensei together with his sword Fudomyo because from personal discussions we had with Soke told us that for the year 2013 will be the symbol of the year.
Fudo Myo is portrayed holding a two-edged sword with a three-pronged hilt in his right hand and a coiled rope in his left hand. With this sword of wisdom, Fudoo cuts through deluded and ignorant minds and with the rope he binds those who are ruled by their violent passions and emotions.




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